Trump administration wants to make redlining easier

Trump Is Making It Easier to Get Away With Discrimination The administration’s rollback of disparate-impact regulations will make it harder to root out systemic prejudice. Jan 4, 2019

The Trump Administration wants to dismantle all sorts of civil rights protections for minorities and communities of color. Now they’re talking about watering down rules that prevent discrimination in lending. We can’t allow this to happen. There is no good reason to make it easier for lenders to discriminate against credit-worthy borrowers.

But, last year, the investigative news outlet Reveal published a massive investigation strongly suggesting that redlining continues today. Now, the Trump administration is moving to cut public access to the information that helped Reveal produce its report.

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The proposal is an attempt to rollback a 2015 Obama administration regulation that banned the same practices.. The Trump Administration Wants to Make It Easier to Kill Baby. Now, the Trump Administration is moving to cut public access to the information that helped Reveal produce its report.

Trump administration strips consumer watchdog office of enforcement powers in lending discrimination cases renae Merle, The Washington Post Published 4:35 pm CST, Thursday, February 1,

1. Anti-Constitution since Trump hates it so much and has tried to violate it in so many ways. Attacks on the First amendment (trump supporters have cheered when Trump threatened government action against people like the NFL, MSNBC and government.

Team Trump seeking to weaken the rules policing bank ‘redlining‘ of poor and minority communities. they could make it easier for banks to meet certain lending requirements and lower penalties.

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The Trump administration wants to make it easier for associations to be considered large employers and therefore by exempted from some of the ACA’s rules, including the essential health benefits.

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