Legal pot bill dead: New Jersey lawmakers to move ahead with 2020 referendum

California, in contrast, is set to move ahead with its version of such a database next year. Golden State voters approved the system in an August 2017 referendum. One possible reason for New York’s ..

Years before he was a presidential candidate, Bill de Blasio was. key starting point for how New York – in a battle that would take nearly two generations to rise up again – would morph in its.

4 days ago · A bill compelling the government to do that is set to become law, but opposition lawmakers say Parliament needs to be sitting next month to make sure it happens. 11:35 a.m.

Also on POLITICO: Holder: Pot can be harmful) Getting a hemp measure included in the farm bill took considerable effort, the source said. Staff from McConnell’s office and the House sponsors of the.

Lawmakers in New Jersey now are pushing ahead with expansion of its medical marijuana program and making plans for a binding referendum on recreational uses of pot to go on the ballot in November 2020.

 · Texas lawmakers approve $1.1 billion from state savings to fix teacher pension fund Senate Bill 12 would increase state, teacher and school district contributions to the pension fund over the next six years and give retired teachers a $2,000 supplemental check.. New Jersey Needs a Pension Fix. Is This It? Proposal would shift some workers to.

Three days after the governor endorsed legalization, so did onetime opponent Bill de Blasio, the Democratic mayor of New York City. The push to make marijuana legal. Carolina lawmakers to legalize.

Campbell’s Field is a 6,700-seat baseball park in Camden, New Jersey, United States that hosted its first regular season baseball game on May 11, 2001. The riverfront project was a joint venture backed by the state, Rutgers University, Cooper’s Ferry Development Association.

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THE LATEST: N.J.’s marijuana bill nearly dead.’ That means you may get to vote on making weed legal. offenses than whites in New Jersey. But even though his fellow democrats control the.

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Political positions of Donald Trump. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.. Marijuana and the rights of individual states to legalize recreational and medical marijuana was an issue of Trump’s presidential campaign, Trump could seek new law to purge government of.