Congress gets serious about retirement saving

Congress Takes Aim at New Retirement Savings Programs Move would hinder states from helping people who don’t have workplace plans. by Eileen Ambrose, AARP, February 16, 2017 | comments: 0. istock. Employees are 15 times more likely to save for retirement if they have a plan at work.

"With many individuals reaching retirement with little to no savings of their own, we must take a serious look at our current retirement programs.

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How congress retirement pay Compares to the Overall Average .. Retirement pay for Congress is not normally a big election year issue, but it might serve as evidence of a disconnect between.

Congress gets serious about putting on a dog-and-pony-show on retirement saving, knowing theirs – and their A+ healthcare – is already secured ( 28 More: Unlikely , Investment , Motley Fool , Jobless claims , Pot Stock , Social Security , Dear Penny , Joe Biden , Offer Shelter

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Congress gets serious about retirement saving. marketwatch; posted on May 16, 2019; Lawmakers from across the country are proposing legislation to encourage more Americans to save for retirement, and they’ve got a list of ways to do it.

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Health care costs are the top retirement concern for Americans. According to the survey, 28 percent of people are worried their medical expenses will be too high. But fewer than 15 percent of those nearing retirement age have estimated how much they will spend on health care in retirement, according to a 2014 survey by Merrill Lynch and Age Wave.

Congressional Democrats are seeking to toss a financial lifeline to the growing number of pension plans that are struggling to remain solvent, jeopardizing retirement. Almanac gets boldly specific.

When Congress returns from recess, it will have a slew of proposals to consider, including some that could have a big impact on your retirement. New proposals aim to fix legacy issues by expanding.

Despite the serious. sponsored retirement savings system. That gap will grow worse in the new “gig economy,” unless we take action to provide broader access to retirement savings programs for all.

Get it delivered right to your inbox! Congress Considering New Tools for Retirement, Savings. The bill is more in the form of minor tweaks to current rules than a major change to IRAs as they exist today but it includes similar.